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Buying Ammolite Online

Posted by on 6/18/2009 to Ammolite
Hello Ammolite Enthusiasts! 

This is your Ammolite Specialist here. On my last post, I had an anonymous man ask me a specific question. It is as follows; “… Dear Ammolite Specialist, I am looking for an ammolite piece for my wife. Could you recommend a place/website where I can find something for her? Thank You”- Mr. Anonymous. 

Mr. Anonymous, Thank you for your question. I am happy to answer your question. But First, I want to note a few things to look for while online shopping for Ammolite, or just online shopping in general. 

Online shopping may be tricky. However, if you are well aware of what to look for within a website, you can feel 100% safe your purchase is safe and your financial information is secure. One particular aspect within a website I personally look for while online shopping is a security tag/image. This informs me that the online transaction is completely protected and the online retailer will never physically see my complete credit card number. This tag/image may be located on the homepage, or at the end of your check out. Keep an eye out for it to secure your financial and personal information. 

The second thing I highly recommend is always read the Privacy Policy and the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) if there are any. You should never assume the website is secure and safe for it is easy to build websites these days. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable position. Considering you own a credit card, it is common sense to never just give ‘anyone’ your credit card number. 

The third aspect to look for within an online retail store, is its level of interactivity. The more personable the website is or sales team behind the scenes, the more creditable and trustworthy the site becomes. If there is an email address provided to contact a sales associate, email them, inquire, and ensure you receive a response. Never assume the website is up to date and functioning. Another way to measure the crediablity behind an online store, is recieving email confirmations. You always want to keep records of online transactions/processes. 

Mr. Anonymous, I have the perfect website for you. It is secure, new on the market, and has a very wide selection of investment grade Ammolite Jewellery. 

This website will provide you with a wonderful online shopping experience. It is easy to navigate and you will almost immediately get a response from their online sales team. The retail store is based in the Canadian Rockies. It is North America’s most reputable Ammolite dealer. Their prices cannot be beat. Remember, to use the below insight in my previous blogs regarding the value and worth of Ammolite before making your purchase. I am positive you will find the perfect Ammolite Jewellery piece for your wife at that website.
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